International Assistance Group Offers Several Types of Partnership

For large-scale assistance companies that routinely manage inbound and outbound cases.

Why become a core partner?

For assistance companies that deliver local assistance services in their home country.

Why become an assistance partner?

For specialist providers such as air ambulances and clinics, amongst others.

Why become an accredited service provider?

Our partners are our best ambassadors.
Find out what they say about us.

"Being member of the IAG allows us to cover the regions required and to be in the scope."

Samir Boudieb
Head of Key Account Management, AvD Wirtschaftsdienst

"That would give the potential clients some security or some certainty that our company may be a good one by being part of the IAG group."

Emerson De Luca
Managing Director, Albin International Repatriation

We deliver the expected... To cope
with the unexpected.


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