Our former correspondent, Albanian Intercare Services (AIS), has successfully applied to become our Assistance Partner. Formerly correspondent and the hosts of our first EduTour in October 2022, which was a resounding success and set the benchmark for those to follow, we are delighted that they have undertaken another step to advance their valued relationship within the International Assistance Group.


AIS is a full-range assistance provider covering medical cases, telemedicine, roadside, third-party administration, security, and legal services. Their capability to respond to large-scale situations was recognised in 2019 with a Certificate of Gratitude from Albania’s Emergency Center Office for their help during the Earthquakes that year.


We are firmly committed to being the leading assistance company serving the West Balkans’ increasing volume of inbound travellers,’ stated Margarit Dado, AIS’ General Manager & CEO. He added: ‘Our collaboration with IAG partners at a higher level will result in improved quality and a push for local providers to strive for international standards.’


Growth in inbound tourism has been remarkable. Between January and September 2023, 8.3 million inbound visitors were recorded. In 2013, the complete year saw 3.4 million, according to the Albanian authorities.


With such rapid growth, infrastructure faces challenges. AIS will provide a valuable resource throughout the assistance case life cycle, including directional care, arranging primary healthcare doctors through to case monitoring, and keeping a careful eye on costs.


Founded in 2017, AIS has a solid reputation in the assistance industry, extending to Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Bosnia Herzegovina.

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