Advancing the commercial airline benefits. Air Stretcher was appointed as an accredited service provider

Paris, France, 21 December 2023 – Arranging medical stretchers on commercial airlines often poses numerous challenges. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that Air Stretcher has been appointed as an Accredited Service Provider to provide additional expertise and resources.

With over 17 years of experience arranging medical stretchers from the Caribbean and surrounding area to Europe and further afield, Air Stretcher’s founding company, International West Indies Assistance (IWIA), undertook extensive international research to set up a dedicated global unit in 2022 operating from Paris, France.

‘Our service is unique in the assistance market’, stated Diane Heckel, Air Stretcher’s Founder and General Manager. She added: ‘We go beyond the airline booking transaction with in-depth knowledge of the medical process and the ability to provide clinical teams to support transportation globally.’

‘Costs are under constant scrutiny by insurance companies and corporations, ‘ stated Louise Heywood, IAG’s General Manager. ‘The appointment of Air Stretcher aims to support those partners looking to push the total, or partial, commercial airline option further up their scale of consideration with a flexible menu of solutions.’

Using an assistance mindset, Air Stretcher also works with major airlines who are able to take stretchered patients to facilitate clearance, as well as with approved local air ambulance providers and assistance companies to deliver multiple-leg solutions, increasing the potential reach of a mission.

Since its foundation in 2022, Air Stretcher has built enhanced relationships with airline medical contact points. Air Stretcher is able to book a whole stretcher file (on Air France for example) in 24 to 48 hours, with oxygen, provided patient’s medical necessary information has been communicated.

Air Stretcher’s appointment as an IAG Accredited Service Provider came after a vetting process compliant with ISO 9001.