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About us

About Us

Over the past 30 Years

The International Assistance Group (IAG) has become the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents.

IAG’s philosophy is simple
Local partners. Global solutions

With more than 160 partners in over 200 countries across  six continents, the IAG network specialises in travel, roadside, risk management, home assistance and concierge services for business and leisure travellers, expatriate workers and corporate clients. 

All of IAG’s service partners meet stringent quality standards, with many holding independent accreditations including ISO, Eurami, JCI and ACHS.

Only IAG’s international network delivers:


Our vision is to be the world’s leading network of local partners, providing 24/7 assistance solutions on a global scale. Our mission is to deliver world-class assistance, on demand, anywhere in the world.

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How We Work

Quality, Ethics And Beyond ...


Since 1992, IAG has been driven by our guarantee of efficiency and quality of service for the customer, as outlined in our Service Level Agreement and Manual of Procedures.

Since 2018, we have held an ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification accreditation for the vetting, selection and ongoing re-assessment of our partners, service providers, and correspondents.


Our client network is treated with the same dedication, respect and urgency. IAG treats its competitors fairly and professionally and does not engage in any practice or action that does not comply with this principle.

As an international service provider, we understand the importance and value of diversity, and respect all cultures and beliefs.

IAG and our partners are dedicated to:

and Beyond


In 2020, IAG was proudly awarded the coveted LUCIE Label award for Corporate Social Responsibility, in recognition of our commitment to sustainable development, continuous improvement, and a structured stakeholder approach.

Established in 2007 as an initiative of the French Quality Commission, the LUCIE Label 26,000 recognises an organisation’s commitment to social responsibility through guidelines set in the ISO 26000 standard.


IAG was awarded the 2020 LUCIE Label following an external audit of seven central themes:

This achievement marks an important step for our alliance of independent organisations across the globe. While delivering quality services at critical times of need is our foundation, to do so ethically and sustainably is equally important.

The IAG Team & Supervisory Board

From our Paris Head Office

Our diverse team coordinates administration, network, and operational management.

The IAG Team are based in Paris, our diverse team is responsible for the administration of the broader IAG network, while supporting partners and providers through cost-efficiency negotiation, coordination of events, communication and educational opportunities.


Louise Heywood

General Manager

David Cléro

Quality and Network Coordinator

Stephanie Chedid

Partner Administration Officer

Thao Luu

Marketing and Communications Officer

Loraine Gallerne

Project Manager

Gary Elliott

Roadside Advisor

The International Assistance Group (IAG) has become the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents.

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