Universal Assistance strengthens commitment to the International Assistance Group

Paris, France, 22 January 2024 – Our Correspondent in 10 Latin American countries has successfully applied to become our Core Partner Branch in Uruguay, which we are delighted to announce.


Well-known and valued by many partners, Universal Assistance joined our network in 2010.

Becoming a Core Partner Branch is a welcomed commitment. It will allow access to our unique Globus database, global network and operational tools, facilitating the transmission of outbound cases to our IAG Partners.


A leading player in assistance and travel insurance in Latin American markets, this has been achieved through digital innovation and a dynamic strategy in multi-channel marketing. Apps have been developed for mobile medical self-assessment, a virtual assistant for travellers pre-travel, during and after travel, and a VIP offer, including lounge access if flights are delayed. Online services include telehealth and claims management.


Since 2018, Universal Assistance has been part of CoverMore, the global Zurich Insurance Group’s assistance and travel insurance brand.


Universal Assistance underwent the IAG’s ISO 9001 vetting process and expert peer review, ensuring that high standards are met at this critical membership level. They will remain our valued correspondents in Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Peru.