Paris, France, 29 August 2023 -We are pleased to announce that Goral Assistance Canada will become an Accredited Service Provider for telemedicine and medical house call visits in Canada.

With the limited availability of family doctors for visitors to Canada, dealing with sickness or minor injury often means resorting to the Emergency Room of a public hospital. There, stretched resources common in many public healthcare systems result in long waiting times, particularly for non-urgent cases. Furthermore, unnecessary costs.

Goral Assistance Canada provides a telemedicine contact centre from 8am to 11pm local time backed by a network of licensed Nurse Practitioners able to deal with all types of acute and chronic illnesses and legally prescribe medication. Where referral is needed to an Emergency Room, this is done with a medical report to help initial assessment.

‘Since the pandemic, we have seen a big increase in demand for telemedicine services and now the benefits this can extend to travellers through emergency medical assistance so I am delighted to add Goral Assistance Canada with their expertise and extensive network throughout Canada to add further depth to our expanding network’, stated Louise Heywood, International Assistance Group General Manager.

‘Joining the International Assistance Group marks an important step to us as Canada’s largest provider of this kind, ’ explained Marcel Kadoche, Goral’s Chief Executive. He added: ‘ We are very much looking forward to helping the diverse range of travellers coming through such an established alliance.’

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