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Careers in the assistance industry

A world of opportunities

Explore a role in the global assistance industry and uncover a world of opportunities for all passions, skills and interests.

Make a difference by helping others wherever they may be in the world.

Grow your career, skills and experience in a diverse environment with many pathways to the future.    

There are so many transferable skills you can use in the world of assistance. The possibilities are endless, from problem-solving and multilingual talents to case management, customer care and communication.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking for flexible working hours, or moving your career in a whole new direction, a role in assistance might be for you.


Every day is different

Do you relish variety and purpose in your work? The assistance industry delivers rich and rewarding challenges.

No two days are the same.

Help travellers navigate the medical arrangements in foreign lands. Solve travel issues and manage travel delays. Reconnect families by coordinating evacuations. And there is so much more.

Perhaps you want to focus on vehicle breakdowns and the essential services to get people moving again? We have many European partners that specialise in this area too.  

You will enjoy the satisfaction of helping so many people. From those studying or working internationally to families on holiday. Also from routine problems to bringing people home to their families and loved ones. You will make a difference.


Flexibility and growth

The assistance industry is an excellent place to start a career. Also, with the flexibility of temporary work for those travelling or with family commitments.

Opportunities come with peak travel seasons, such as family holidays in the sun, those travelling to warmer places during winter, or adventuring on skiing breaks.

Whatever the stage in your career, there is a pathway for you to develop.


Choose assistance

Discover a role for your passions, skills and interests. Spread your wings, help others and make a difference in the assistance industry. 


Explore all our partner vacancies from around the world.

Working in the Assistance Industry

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The essential frontline where no two days are ever the same

Assistance coordinators provide reassurance and support to sick or injured travellers. Representing the front line of the assistance industry, they’re the voice to the customer needing help.

You will help customers around the world, around the clock – in a dynamic 24/7 environment. Flexible hours can support work-life balance for families and those combining work with study.

Medical assistance coordinators work closely with medical teams and travel specialists to provide comprehensive solutions for customers.

Tasks include:

  • Liaising with hospitals abroad
  • Obtaining regular reports
  • Guaranteeing payments
  • Sourcing ground transport and air ambulance options
  • Organising urgent accommodation or travel arrangements.

Roadside assistance coordinators initially organise the dispatch of a recovery unit and then put in place a range of support services. Many partners offer services across borders, so language skills are often required for this role.

Tasks include:

  • Providing help over the phone
  • Arranging onward mobility in the form of taxis and hire cars
  • Sourcing accommodation while a vehicle is repaired.

Entry-level assistance coordinators are sought with multilingual abilities to delve into extraordinary emergencies and apply problem-solving skills.

If you’re looking to start a new and exciting opportunity or are an experienced assistance coordinator looking for a fresh career start in another country, contact us today and we can put you in touch with our partners.

Stand back from hospital routine and use your skills internationally

Nursing and paramedic opportunities are extensive among our partners. There are roles for hospital-based staff and those who are experienced working in the aviation medicine environment.

Typical tasks include:

  • Monitoring of hospitals abroad to ensure the healthcare delivered and associated costs are appropriate
  • Decisions involving transportation of patients home or to more appropriate care options by private air ambulance or commercial airlines
  • Looking after the welfare of families and travel companions.

If you relish the challenge of working with different cultures and protocols and are looking for flexible work arrangements,  contact us today, and we can put you in touch with our partners.

Stretch yourself to manage a 24-hour team and make a real difference to customers worldwide

Having high-quality operations managers is vital to our partners as they play a critical role within the business.

Typical Tasks include:

  • Overseeing the delivery of essential services, including medical and technical teams
  • Liaising with other insurance companies and key clients
  • Planning for and managing a high-performing team.

If you have strong people management skills, excellent decision-making abilities in complex and challenging situations, good English language skills, and communication is your strength, contact us today, and we can put you in touch with our partners.

Sales, marketing, product development and corporate client relations

Our partners require different business support and marketing staff depending on their various needs and aspirations.


Possible roles include:

  • The management of tenders
  • Product development
  • Client and relationship management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business analysts


If you have experience delivering strong business support results or you have a qualification in Business Studies or Marketing, contact us today and we can put you in touch with our partners.