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Careers and opportunities in the Assistance Industry

The assistance industry offers many varied opportunities.

Whether you have a medical background, are skilled at languages or enjoy solving situations to help people, please look at some general descriptions below.

Suppose you are looking for your first job or a student seeking seasonal or part-time work. In that case, you might be interested to know that this is how many senior executives in our partner companies started.

And if you are interested in discovering more, fill in our form, and we will send this to the relevant partner.

Many partners have adopted flexible working patterns to recruit and retain good assistance coordinators in a 24/7 working environment. This helps to accommodate work-life balance, families and those combining work with study.

Assistance companies have seasonal peaks during holiday periods and often offer interesting and varied temporary positions to give you a taste of this dynamic industry.

Follow our partners on their Linked In pages to see the latest career opportunities.  A jobs board with all the latest vacancies around the world will be added here soon, please check back or register for updates.


The essential frontline. Part of a team to deliver solutions

No two days are ever the same in this type of role.

Assistance Coordinators provide reassurance and practical support to those sick or injured away from home or stranded by the roadside after an accident or breakdown. They are the essential frontline and the first voice to the customer needing help.

Medical assistance coordinators work closely with internal medical teams and travel specialists to provide a comprehensive solution for travellers.

Tasks include:

  • liaising with hospitals abroad
  • obtaining regular reports
  • guaranteeing payments
  • sourcing ground transport and air ambulance options
  • organising alternative accommodation, urgent travel and more.

The role of roadside assistance is equally interesting. The despatch of a recovery unit can be only the story’s start. Providing help on the phone, arranging onward mobility in the form of taxis and hire cars and/or arranging accommodation whilst the vehicle is repaired. And with many partners offering services across borders, language skills and liaising with colleagues around the world are often required.

Entry-level assistance coordinators develop confidence and extraordinary situational problem-solving skills. Many also value using their multi-lingual abilities.

Are you looking to start an exciting career permanently or on a fixed-term basis? Or are you an experienced assistance coordinator seeking opportunities in other countries? We will be pleased to put you in touch with our partners.

Stand back from hospital routine and use your skills internationally

Are you looking to extend your international skills in critical care or help those experiencing a medical problem abroad?

Opportunities are extensive amongst our partners. Some nurses specialise in working with hospitals wherever the traveller may be; others concentrate on their own country’s healthcare systems. And that is not all. There is always a call for nurses who understand and can operate in an aviation medicine environment.

With your skills, you can stand back from the routine of the hospital environment. Treatment in hospitals abroad needs monitoring to ensure it is appropriate. Not only to trigger alerts to the quality of care but also over treatment and overcharging. In severe cases, you are typically involved in decisions involving transportation of patients home or to more appropriate care options by private air ambulance or commercial airlines. And there is also the need to look after the welfare of families and travel companions.

Some roles require medical staff to transport patients or audit medical facilities at home or abroad.

So, suppose you relish the challenge of working with different cultures and protocols, full-time, part-time or on a contract basis the assistance industry might be the rewarding experience you are seeking.

The assistance world stratches further than processes and charts

Having high-quality operations managers is vital to every partner within the International Assistance Group. They are also a critical reference point to our partners worldwide.

Operations Managers come within the assistance industry and other areas with transferrable skills. 

The essential qualities are the skills you can bring. Planning and managing a team to cover 24 hours a day,clear thinking and decision making in complex situations, being organised and an effective communicator.

As a key manager, your work day will typically include supporting your front line, medical and technical teams, liaising with insurance companies and other key clients. Good English language skills are usually a mandatory requirement.

Sales, marketing, product development and corporate client relations

The commercial face of our clients varies from country to country and depending on a wide variety of needs and aspirations. Typically, it is in a business-to-business environment.

Larger partners will have specialists covering business development, sales, marketing communications, tender management, social media, product development or client relationships.

Partners in smaller markets need a multi-disciplined approach where you could be working on a tender today, an online marketing plan tomorrow and have a diary date with an established client next week.