Acclaimed Athens Medical Group joins our select list of Accredited Service Provider hospitals

Paris, France, 7 November 2024 – We are delighted to announce that Athens Medical Group (AMG) has joined our alliance as an Accredited Service Provider.

‘While we hold extensive information on thousands of hospitals across the globe, it is a special step for a medical facility to go through our ISO 9001 vetting process and become an Accredited Service Provider,’ stated Louise Heywood, International Assistance Group General Manager. She added: ‘Accredited Service Providers benefit from our knowledge-sharing activities, gaining a more global insight into the needs of the traveling and expatriate communities.’ 

AMG’s reputation is endorsed with numerous certifications and acknowledgments for their ability to provide an international standard of advanced medical care in Greece, also attracting a great number of international patients, mainly in the European Interbalkan Medical Center (EIMC) in Thessaloniki, the spearhead of the outward-looking strategy of AMG.

To support its expansion in the medical tourism field and to improve the international patient experience and journey, AMG created the International Patient Center in 2013.

This center offers 24/7 a wide range of services to international patients throughout all stages of their care, with the valuable assistance of its dedicated personnel. 

These services extend beyond clinical aspects, to translation and to door-to-door concierge services for travel, accommodation, and transportation. 

To further support any medical needs of international patients around the clock, AMG offers 24/7 emergency services, supported by a fleet of ambulances and authorized contact persons.