Paris, France, 7th June 2023 – Congratulations to Travel Support Europe on becoming our Assistance Partner for both medical and roadside assistance across the Nordic Region. 

From their 24/7 alarm centre in Sweden, they will cover Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. Their comprehensive network will provide the full range of medical assistance services, roadside assistance, and onward mobility solutions, giving one point of contact for our partners in such a vast area. In Finland, Travel Support Europe’s appointment will only be for roadside assistance and onward mobility solutions.

We are delighted that Travel Support Europe will also continue as our Accredited Service Provider for doctor house call visits in the Benelux countries, operating from their offices in the Netherlands.

‘Once again, we have undertaken the International Assistance Group’s rigorous vetting process demonstrating that Travel Support Europe has a solid operational network to meet the international demands of the alliance’s partners, ’ stated Travel Support Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, Cecilia Ryttergaard. She added: ‘ Our focus is not only on capability but also on quality to ensure that we are highly regarded within the IAG.’

Founded in 2009, Travel Support Europe’s clients include renowned global insurance and assistance brands with demanding standards and a high level of compliance in service delivery. Their full range of services includes:

Medical assistance

  • General practitioners, including house call visits and telemedicine
  • Medical specialists
  • Dentists
  • Ground ambulances
  • Air ambulances
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

Vehicle assistance

  • Roadside assistance
  • Bicycle assistance
  • Towing and salvage
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Repair shops and garages
  • Hotels, car rental, taxis and much more

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