The International Assistance Group is pleased to welcome Lorraine A Paul from Across Asia Assist to the Supervisory Board.  Lorraine brings an impressive and diverse range of knowledge and a wealth of experiences to help guide our network forward while advocating and providing more local knowledge for the Asia region.

Lorraine is the Co-founder and CEO of Across Asia Assist (Malaysia) with over 17 years’ experience in the assistance industry. During her time in the industry Lorraine has held key roles in
strategic partnerships with global network of providers, managing international accounts as well as the business development of the company.

To welcome Lorraine to the Supervisory Board and celebrate her appointment, we sat down and asked her a few questions.

Q1. What are you most looking forward to bringing to the IAG Supervisory Board?

Diversity. Being one of the youngest board members, I look forward to bringing non-traditional backgrounds and skills to the table, by offering different perspectives and new ideas. I believe diversity is a crucial enabler of good governance, be it in terms of gender, age, nationality, skills, values, or life experience.



Q2. Can you share some of your career highlights and accomplishments to date?

The highlight of my career is co-founding Across Asia Assist (Malaysia & Singapore) at the end of 2019. I am blessed to have very passionate partners with me, who live and breathe “assistance”.

We started our 24/7 alarm centre just few months after the pandemic started. It was indeed a tough period for us – juggling getting new clients when most companies are cutting budget and afraid to make any changes during that difficult time and managing working capital with limited travel/medical cases.

With our persistence and determination, we managed to pull through and be where we are today. This of course, is my greatest accomplishment to date. I could not have done this without the diligence of our team members to gain the confidence of our clients and to our clients who were willing to put their trust in us when we were an unproven entity at that point.


Q3. What are you most passionate about within the assistance industry?

I have had this conversation with many senior partners in the industry. There is this saying that once you’re in for several years, you’re in it for the long haul.

Just like everyone else who is in this industry, the passion reignites when we know we could be changing lives, caring for patients as they recover and assist families through some of the most difficult times in their lives whether directly or indirectly behind the scenes. It is an innate sense of compassion.


 Q4. How important is the role of the International Assistance Group today in supporting the needs of assistance partners, providers and the global assistance industry?

In the past ten years or so, we have seen many new independent assistance companies globally. Gone are the days when assistance companies rely only on another global assistance company to support their cases abroad.

IAG’s philosophy has always been “Local partners. Global solutions.” and with this, IAG has played an important role to identify the best local assistance companies by providing a common standard with their stringent quality criteria in place. In turn, IAG partners will feel assured that their cases will be well taken care of by another IAG partner or provider, which is a crucial element when assisting partners overseas.

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