Paris, France, December 7, 2021 – Following a thorough search and selection process, we are pleased to welcome Advanced Medical Support (AMS) as an Assistance Partner.

AMS will provide medical assistance to our partners and cover the urban and demanding remote terrains in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

Their successful model centres around a team employing hands-on nurses as case managers rather than referrals points. In addition to coordinating medical assistance, this approach also delivers their smart e-clinic solution in cities, towns and remote areas.

On-call day and night is a support team of doctors and specialists. Leading them, a physician with extensive experience in medical assistance across several organisations and up-to-date in ICU, HEMS and off-shore retrieval.

With such a focus on medical care, AMS has an in-depth knowledge of the medical network in each country.  Crucially, this includes all hospitals and their specialisms, key clinics, and critically located general doctors.

Essential in such demanding terrain is AMS’s familiarity with ground transportation options and aero-medical evacuations. Whether it is the vast emptiness of Iceland or the northern wilderness of Scandinavia, they are called upon to provide help to adventure travellers, students and the business community.

Formed in 2015 by medical assistance specialists, AMS’s virtual alarm centre is based in Norway’s capital, Oslo.

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