Paris, France-  October 3, 2022, Confirming our commitment to corporate social responsibility, the International Assistance Group is delighted to announce the confirmation of our Lucie Label accreditation.

Aligned to the international standard for corporate social responsibility, ISO 26000, an external audit was successfully passed on the key themes of: Governance and transparency, respect for individuals, quality of work life, protection of the environment, ethical practices, responsible products and services, and commitment to the common interest.

‘The confirmation of our accreditation not only demonstrates our commitment but also a continued journey of improvement in an ever-changing world’, stated International Assistance Group’s general manager, Louise Heywood.

President of Lucie  Label, Alan Fustec, adds: ‘It is not easy to tell the difference between those who only talk about corporate responsibility and those who have a real and serious commitment. This is now possible with Lucie.’

Initially awarded in 2020, ongoing assessment ensures that principles, obligations and processes are bedded within the first three-year life-cycle. The confirmation validates the International Assistance Group to October 2023.


International Assistance Group

The International Assistance Group is the world’s largest alliance of over 160 independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents dedicated to world-class global assistance service and cross-border collaboration on behalf of insurers and travellers. We combine our shared global values and collective expertise with local market and cultural knowledge, united by a common desire to help travellers in trouble anywhere, at any time. Together, we deliver high-quality medical, roadside, travel, corporate, security, and home assistance services to business and leisure travellers, as well as expatriates and large corporations.


Established in 2007, the LUCIE Label 26000 recognises an organisation’s commitment to social responsibility through guidelines set in the ISO 26000 standard. LUCIE develops solutions to help an organisation to further their commitment and responsibilities through thematic labels such as ENVOL, the Responsible Digital label or Biodiversity Progress. The LUCIE community comprises of over 800 organisations sharing the same desires and values: to make it fairer and more respectful of people and their territories. Our mission: To give organisations the means to become players with a positive impact.

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