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IAG EduTours

Learn like a local, think like a customer.

Embark on an immersive international learning experience with IAG EduTours. Since our first EduTour to Albania in 2021, our EduTours have captivated medical assistance personnel across our global network,  offering a firsthand look into local healthcare standards and capabilities through the eyes of your very own customers.

Designed to elevate your professional growth, EduTours are 2-3 day, fully guided tours that allow you to immerse yourself in a local region from your customers’ perspective, learn about the complexities of local healthcare systems and foster worldwide connections.

We are committed to selecting locations where our IAG partners have significant cases and where healthcare systems are developing or face unique challenges. These locations are often thoughtfully aligned with industry conferences or IAG events, ensuring both enriched learning experiences and cost-effectiveness.


Upcoming Edutours

Join us on one of our upcoming tours. Expand your horizons, build new global connections and gain a customer-centric perspective on international medical assistance.

EduTour Croatia
24 – 26 Septembre 2024