The International Assistance Group has a proud heritage, supported by a strong brand. We will continue to develop on our promise to remain as the trusted and respected alliance in the eyes of our partners, providers, customers and the assistance industry.

24/7 global assistance solutions

Our Vision

To be the best worldwide network of local Partners providing 24/7 global assistance solutions.

Delivering world-class assistance

Our Mission

To enable our Partners to always deliver world-class assistance wherever their customers are.

Our key values provide a firm foundation on which we build our company

Our Values

They constitute the basis of our alliance, our interaction with our Partners, team members, end-users and ultimately, they define our corporate culture.

Entrepreneurial: We and our Partners act upon new opportunities. We inspire others to seek innovative and sustainable solutions to assist clients in every step of the way.

Customer-driven: Everything we do is for our Partner and end-users. All of our decisions and actions are made to exceed their needs and expectations.

Innovative: We constantly seek innovative ideas and solutions to stay at the forefront of the assistance industry.

Trustworthy:  We foster and build strong long-lasting relationships with all our stakeholders. Trust between our alliance and Partners manifests itself through support, respect and fulfilment of our commitments.

Cooperative: Together we are stronger. We share ideas, best-practices and work as
a team to reach our common goals.

Within the global IAG community, we place utmost importance on client satisfaction

Ethical Guidelines

All IAG partners are required to ensure their business and employees subscribe to, and apply, the following principles:

  • Acting with integrity
  • Communicating with honesty
  • Treating customers fairly
  • Delivering what is promised

As an international partner that respects all cultures, IAG draws on the diversity of its workforce, business partners, suppliers, customers, and the broad range of talents we have at our disposal. This very diversity strengthens the Group’s competitiveness and efficiency.

Within the global IAG community, we place utmost importance on client satisfaction. That is why we, and all Partners, treat each other’s clients with the same dedication, respect and urgency, thereby ensuring an efficient and high quality service for all.

IAG treats all competitors in a fair and professional manner and does not engage in any practice or take any action that would fail to comply with this principle.

On a periodic basis, we conduct network audits to ensure that the quality of services delivered meet our selection standards

Quality Standards

  • Since the inception of IAG in 1992, we have worked tirelessly to harmonise procedures throughout our network.
  • We guarantee efficiency and quality of service for the end-user by ensuring all Partners abide to our Service Level Agreement and Manual of Procedures.
  • In 2018 we obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification for the vetting, accreditation and reaccreditation of our Partners & Accredited Service Providers. This internationally recognised certification comes to support IAG’s aims that its processes are robustly examined and applied to its selection and review processes.