Paris, France, April 17, 2019 - With tourism steadily increasing throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and visitors alone to Dubai expected to reach 20 million next year where the world expo will be hosted. The International Assistance Group (IAG) continues to strengthen its capabilities in the region, and appointed Dubai-based AQA Assistance as Core Partner.

Being a full-service assistance company from their 24-hour alarm centre in Dubai, AQA Assistance will support the existing  IAG members with the full range of services as well as having expertise in combatting medical claims fraud, legal assistance and cost containment.

Through it’s extensive contracted network, AQA Assistance can place guarantee of payments to all hospitals throughout the Emirates, providing cost reductions as well as on the ground customer service with permanent staff based at key facilities.

Additionally, with the UAE being a regional point of medical excellence, AQA Assistance has put in place on-the-ground staff in near-by conflict areas to support foreign patients, making all the necessary logistical, medical and admission arrangements and, if medically necessary, arranging a medical evacuation or repatriation. Though it’s growing medical tourism arm, AQA Assistance is also well equipped to deal with demanding visa requirements for nationalities from further afield seeking medical treatment in the UAE.

Started in 2002 by a group of medical professionals, with a blend of international and local experience, its focus has been on serving a global market coming into the Emirates not only operationally but also on reporting and transparency requirements.


We are delighted to have AQA on board and look forward to working with them in the coming months especially as we plan our upcoming international forum and educational academy which will be held in Dubai on March 2020’ said Louise Heywood.