Paris, France, June 21, 2021 - We are delighted to announce that Netherlands-based Travel Support Holland (TSH) has become an Accredited Service Provider for the provision of on-call doctor services across the three cooperating countries of Benelux.

While the social healthcare systems in each are easily accessible to residents, visitors may find it difficult to locate a helpful family doctor quickly or find themselves being dealt with as a low priority for minor ailments in busy hospital emergency departments.

TSH’s multi-lingual 24/7 alarm centre provides access to local general practitioners and a variety of other medical disciplines including dental surgeons. The approach is a blend of house-call visits, telephone consultations and referrals by appointment to ensure that help is at hand across each country. Face-to-face appointments are generally available same day or next working day and immediate support available in a number of common languages, backed by three-way translation services.

Established as a full-assistance company in 2009, an eight-year collaboration with Interactive Security International AB of Sweden has led to a joint ownership company that now covers 10 countries. The aim is to be an extension of the capabilities of assistance companies from across the globe.