Paris, France, September 2, 2019 - Asian Assistance has from 1st September been appointed by the International Assistance Group as an Assistance Partner for Cambodia. With the challenges faced due to poor or inadequate medical treatment and facilities, aggravated in many parts with problems with infrastructure and transportation in the region, they will be an essential addition to the International Assistance Group alliance.

Asian Assistance was formed as an independent company limited with Thai/Scandinavian shareholders in 2002 with the scope of business to provide emergency medical assistance within South East Asia.

Throughout the years of operation, the company has gained trust and confidence from providers as well as clients. Besides, years of operations have given them experience in dealing with emergencies as well as natural disasters including the tsunami and floods in Asia.

Their headquarter is based in Bangkok, Thailand, with a fulltime team located in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

In addition to the emergency medical assistance services, Asian Assistance provides call centre services, and the company is proud to be the organiser and host of the CCAT Aeromedical transport course attended by doctors and physicians throughout Asia. This year will be the 4th year the course will be held and will consist of two courses, which is foundation and advanced level.

The company has its in-house medical team consisting of doctors and nurses who are dealing on daily basis with the case handling, medical transfers and cost control. The company also have an inhouse travel desk to provide all travel-related services as well as flight reservations and management of medical clearance with the airlines.