International Assistance Group (IAG), the largest alliance of independent assistance companies around the world, has strengthened its medical and European roadside assistance network with TBS Team 24 recently attaining the Assistance Partner status, for the region of the former Yugoslavia.

With IAG’s European Partnership including very notable names in motoring assistance, this is another step to demonstrate a commitment to provide a strong and cohesive proposition to travellers and multi-national vehicle service providers throughout Europe.

“Partnering with the International Assistance Group is an important recognition on how we have worked on providing innovative solutions on service provision, cost containment, fraud prevention and efficiency and will also help us be prepared for new and upcoming challenges in the future as our company grows,” said Edvard Hojnik, General Manager of TBS Team 24.

TBS Team 24 was founded 15 years ago and provide medical and roadside assistance through a network of 1,300 suppliers covering Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo.

“Whilst the IAG has a notable reputation as a medical assistance provider globally, many of our European Partners also look for a strong roadside proposition within Europe and certainly in expanding business areas. As an alliance, we need to satisfy the demanding requirements of Partners like RACC in Spain, GreenFlag in the UK and SOS International in The Netherlands,” stated IAG’s General Manager, Cécile Hermetz.

TBS Team 24 initially joined the IAG as a correspondent in 2007. The Assistance Partner status is reserved for those companies who have undertaken in-depth scrutiny and assessed by inspection.

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