Paris, France, February 9, 2021 - With 31 facilities in Turkey, private hospital provider MLP Care has attained Accredited Service Provider status within the International Assistance Group. Hospital brands include Liv Hospitals and Medical Park (including VM Medical Park).

The largest private hospital group in Turkey boasts three locations with internationally recognised JCI Accreditation, three SRC Centers of Excellence certifications and a total capacity of 6,000 beds. Advanced medicine extends to robotic cardiac surgery, cancer treatment and regenerative stem cell production, all attracting international patients.

On a day-to-day level, patients have access to family doctor services, routine tests, 24/7 emergency care supported by the full range of modern medical imaging equipment. The group also provides airport-hotel-hospital transfers, free medical second opinion service and insurance support to all international patients. With its hospitals tailored to receive international patients from all over the world, MLPCare provides support to foreign patients in many languages including English, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Balkan Languages, Georgian and many more. International patient departments are staffed with native speaker healthcare professionals and translators who are trained to provide a tailored service for patients coming from all over the world.

Beyond Turkey, the group has carefully created leading-edge private facilities in Algeria, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Uzbekistan. MLPCare also has international offices in 16 different countries which are located in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

MLP Care projects its highly regarded position through a large number of academic medical staff producing authoritative publications, arranging international programs and specialist workshops for more than 15 years, reaching thousands of healthcare professionals.

The group also has the most number of academic collaborations with the best private medical schools in Turkey. MLPCare has six university hospitals, two of which are the research and training hospital of its own university, İstinye University and one is with Bahçeşehir University, which is the biggest private medical school in Turkey. The group puts a lot of importance in innovation and research in the medical sector and is one of the first hospital groups who invested in AI technology in healthcare.

The private medical sector in Turkey is crucial to the domestic care infrastructure for both nationals and visitors. Government figures show that 53% of complex surgeries are conducted in this sector, also accounting for 31% of inpatient visits. The degree of sophistication now makes Turkey an important place for inbound medical treatment and MLP Care a significant provider.