IAG Assistance Partners operate in their home countries to deliver local assistance services.


Internationally recognized accreditation that will qualify your company as best-in-class

Ranked first

in our exclusive network database for priority operational selection in helping with appropriate cases in your country of operations


Access to IAG Forums and the IAG Academy, allowing knowledge sharing and meaningful face-to face meetings with industry peers

Greater visibility

in the assistance industry, through our centralized group marketing and individual promotional support, via a range of online and print communications

Business opportunities

potential increase in business as a result of referrals from and to other IAG partner companies

Centralized projects

the opportunity to join our Panels and Committees on special invitation


"GVA has been a Partner of IAG since 2001. The group has supported us in reaching the high standards that are required to compete at an international level. There is continuous communication between Partners, with a focus on our own development, plus they supply nicely designed marketing tools, while allowing us the space to maintain our own identity. IAG has offered GVA a complex solution for our international credibility and professionalism."

Dr. Arthur Zulficarov
General Manager, Global Voyageur Assistance
Assistance Partner, Russia