For large scale assistance companies that routinely manage inbound and outbound cases. As an IAG Core Partner, you enjoy the full benefits of our Partnership Program.


Internationally recognized accreditation that will qualify your company as best-in-class


Access to our global network of accredited assistance companies and providers, enabling you to expand your reach

24/7 access

to our exclusive database which boasts over 3,400 providers worldwide

Increased revenue

as the “premium” local agent for all Partners needing local help to manage assistance cases

Cost efficacy

External cost savings through pooled purchasing power

Operational support

including training 
and process development

IAG events

Access to IAG Forums and the IAG Academy, allowing knowledge sharing and the strengthening of relationships

Training school

IAG sponsors one participant per partner company to the IAG Academy

Greater visibility

in the assistance industry, through our centralized group marketing and individual promotional support, via a range of online and print communications


Opportunity to sit on the IAG Supervisory Board

Becoming a shareholder

Right to acquire shares on the IAG capital

Centralized projects

The possibility to join our Panels and Committees


"IAG does not simply provide access to a worldwide network of high-level independent assistance providers, but also expert advise, best practices, benchmarking and knowledge-sharing; all of which help us to increase the service level agreement with our clients and with IAG as a whole."

Marcelo Mancini
General Manager, OMINT SA de Servicios
Core Partner, Argentina

"IAG provides RACC with a variety of resources and capabilities. Worldwide implantation means that we are able to assist any traveller, no matter their location or their needs, thanks to IAG’s worldwide network of partners. Having access to a multicultural network of different partners working together and exchanging experiences is an extraordinary asset."

Daniel Cornudella
Director of International Relations, RACC
Core Partner, Spain

"It is simple to pick on the IAG’s global operational database as the primary reason to become a Core Partner. It is considerably more than that. When you combine independent assistance companies actively feeding local medical knowledge, you have something exceptional. When they share, discuss and form respected relationships as equals, you have something truly unique."

Dimitris Koliniatis
CEO, Athens Assistance
Core Partner, Greece