Our partnership program brings together assistance companies and providers that operate locally in a global network.

Your company will gain internationally recognized accreditation, visibility, access to training programs, and promotional opportunities.

This program has three different partnership levels to suit your business. Learn more about how to become one of our Accredited Partners.

Quality local solutions and reductions in your external and internal costs

Benefit from a recognized international accreditation

Our partnership program is designed for assistance companies and service providers, who value local expertise but strive to excel on the international stage. It’s also for those who want to enhance their competitiveness without sacrificing their independence.
As a Partner or Accredited Service Provider, your company will benefit from a recognized international accreditation. Our international network offers you quality local solutions and reductions in your external and internal costs.
By joining us, you will be part of a reputable international organization dedicated to the quality of service to all our clients. Your company will remain highly competitive in your own market thanks to the group benefits.

Partner benefits vary depending on partnership level

How We Add Value to Your Company

  • Be connected to like-minded industry professionals that share the same values
  • Benefit from an internationally recognized accreditation
  • Get access to our exclusive “Globus” database which contains more than 3,400 global providers (for Core Partners)
  • Receive operational support and cost efficacy solutions
  • Gain knowledge at our networking events
  • Discover the IAG Academy – a unique operational training session within the industry
  • Gain enhanced visibility through the use of IAG co-branding
  • Benefit from internal and external promotion of your company in industry magazines and on social media channels

Our key values provide a firm foundation on which we build our company

3 Partnership Levels to Suit Your Business

To become an Accredited Partner, you must meet our stringent selection criteria and go through an application and assessment process. Whether you are a large assistance company or a service provider, you can benefit from joining one of our 3 partnership tiers:

IAG Core Partners are companies operating on a large scale to manage inbound and outbound cases...

IAG Assistance Partners operate in their home countries to deliver local assistance services...

For specialist providers such as air ambulances and clinics, amongst others.