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Helping people is what we do. When they are ill during their travels, we get them the care they need. When they are naïve to the dangers of a destination, we educate them. And when their travels are interrupted by natural disaster, we help them find their way to safety. We are WTP Assist, an emergency medical, travel and security assistance provider with over twenty years of experience helping travellers around the world. From our operations hub in Toronto, Canada, we offer our customers an entire range of plan administrative services including customer service, case management, cost containment, claims management and sales solutions. Our success over the years has been the product of our innovation, quality and flexibility and has earned us a reputation as the business partner of choice for global case management, international travel insurance administration and health information services.

A division of the Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), WTP Assist is focused on service quality, which has been instrumental to our success at building strong relationships with our underwriters, plan sponsors and strategic partners. 

We support customers in over forty languages in our contact centre day and night. 
Customers who encounter a need for emergency assistance while traveling need only call our emergency contact centre where our team of physicians, registered nurses, and emergency assistance specialists are available to provide the help that is required, immediately. And through our partnership with the IAG, we are able to deliver upon our promises around the globe. Amongst the services provided are the following: 

• 24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance and Information
• Worldwide Billing arrangements and payments (where applicable) 
• Worldwide Medical referrals
• Worldwide Legal Assistance 
• Political evacuation
• Destination information
• Security alerts and threat ratings
• 24 Hour Travel Assistance
• Trip interruption travel arrangements
• Proactive mobile assistance
• GPS-facilitiated traveler tracking
• Medical case management
• Medical evacuation
• Medical repatriation
• Repatriation of mortal remains
• Security evacuation

Recognizing that extraordinary events affecting travelers, including acts of terrorism, are becoming all too ordinary, WTP Assist has forged a strategic partnership with a global leader in business resiliency to provide timely, predictive and actionable intelligence to our customers to enable informed decision-making. 

As the need for this type of information is often required by the customer in the moment while traveling, WTP Assist created Nomadz® to respond to this need. 

Nomadz® is an innovative, personal safety and security solution that offers both destination and location-specific alerting, geopolitical and risk information on destinations of interest, traveler tracking, mapping and integrated emergency medical and travel assistance. Furthermore, the Nomadz® Travel Risk Management web service allows designated corporate personnel to determine whether any staff, organization-wide, are proximal to risks that could compromise their safety. Nomadz® is one more example of WTP’s commitment to the customer through innovation.

And to ensure all we do meets or exceeds our client’s expectations, WTP has a rigorous Quality Assurance program that includes regular internal audits and reviews of calls, cases and claims processed. Content, accuracy, timely resolution and customer satisfaction are among the key points upon which we focus. 

To learn more about WTP Assist and the many ways in which we serve travelers, please contact us by writing to marketing@wtp.ca.

Safe travels.

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