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TBS Team 24 is a locally based assistance company with coverage of the Central and Southeastern part of Europe. Our activity is strictly oriented to assistance and communication services, rendered to local and international clients. TBS TEAM 24 has now, in almost a decade of its activity, gained the reputation of a highly competent and reliable business partner, for both national and international clients. Our vision is clearly focused on quality, human resources, product development and technology.

TBS Team 24 was established in 1996 in Maribor, Slovenia. Right from the start the most primary focus of the company, was having an assistance business within a 24 hour call center.

The company started its services with providing technical assistance to commercial vehicles. In the following years, we have expanded our services, providing technical assistance for personal vehicles in Slovenia and the Balkan area, all due to our professional manner and our work dedicated to our clients. The growing demand for our services has lead to an expansion of our partner network, which is now consisting of over 1300 partners. In 2001 we have been awarded contracts by some of the Slovene insurance companies, for which TBS Team 24 is offering assistance services in Slovenia and abroad.

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