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  • Medical assistance
  • Air ambulance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Home care assistance
  • Medical escort
  • Travel tracking solutions
  • Ground transportation


Assistance Plus was founded in Antananarivo – Madagascar in 1996 by Patrick CEJUDO, and has since become an internationally renowned leader in medical evacuation and medical assistance in Madagascar. In 2014, Assistance Plus opened its second agency in Mahajanga – North West of Madagascar – with 2 doctors and operational staff.

Key facts & figures

Total staff: 42 FTE

- 10 Operational Staff

- 1 Medical Director

- 6 Emergency Specialists

- 2 Anesthetists

- 1 Nurse

- 22 Administrative staff

Cases handled in 2017: 2,503

- 81 Internal evacuation cases

- 105 Outbound evacuation cases

- 2,317 medical cases without evacuation


Patrick CEJUDO, founder of Assistance Plus

Born in Kankan, Guinea, in 1957, Patrick CEJUDO lived in several countries in Africa with his parents before attending a business school in France. Then, from age 24 to age 30, he underwent military training and served with a commando regiment.

Afterwards, he trained again in sales techniques, and went to create 3 businesses in France. However, the tax pressure became too uncomfortable, and he soon decided to close his companies, although they were flourishing, and to set up shop abroad. With his wife Sandra, they chose Madagascar as their destination, despite not knowing anything about the country at the time.

Thus, in late 1993, Patrick set foot on Madagascar, all alone, with barely a suitcase to his name, and not a friendly face in view.

Two and a half years later, in mid-1996, ASSISTANCE PLUS was created officially and in the course of 22 years grew from a confidential 2 person (Patrick and Sandra) insurance broker’s office to a 40+ staff assistance company known internationally.


The portfolio of clients of Assistance Plus is composed of:

- Our own client base for simple medical assistance.

- Partner insurance / assistance companies.

- Private organizations – businesses, NGOs – embassies.

- Private individuals.

On their behalf Assistance Plus organizes:

- Medical evacuation: by road with their own ground ambulances, airborne in partnership with trusted private airline companies and regular airways.

- Medical assistance for our client base: home visits, home hospitalization.

- Insurance broker for international companies such as APREX/GMC, APRIL, GAPI, CFE, APIVIA, IMG

- Geolocation for vehicles with optional roadside assistance services

- Medical call center

- Geolocated emergency beacon and smartphone apps (iOS & Android).

- Unified proprietary management platform for all geolocation applications


Area of coverage:

- Madagascar

- Reunion Island

- Mauritius

- Rodrigues

- Seychelles

- Comoros

- Mayotte


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