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  • Medical assistance
  • Air ambulance
  • Hospital / clinic
  • Funeral services
  • Roadside assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Home care assistance
  • Medical escort
  • Security services
  • Legal assistance


Athens Assistance was established in 1992 merging the abilities of operators experienced in the assistance field and of a medical team specialized in emergencies. It provides 24/7 case management, cost containment and call center services in the field of medical and travel assistance, technical/road side assistance as well as legal and security services. The alarm center is manned by a multilingual staff of experienced assistance coordinators and specialized assistance doctors.

It is a member of International Assistance Group since 1993.

Athens Assistance has an extended network of contracted providers all over Greece and Cyprus. It also has contracts and special discount agreements with all the private facilities and a vast network of outpatient providers/doctors which is operating on a flat-rate basis. It also offers inpatient and outpatient care, cost control as well as coverage of all patient-related expenses. Its GOP is accepted everywhere. Discount is applied after audit. Furthermore it offers managed/directed care, depending on the needs and procedures of its clients. Reasonable costs and reliable, trustful relation with the suppliers and correspondents, along with extended knowledge of global sanitary map, gives measurable results on cost effective claims management and customer satisfaction.

It is worth to note that Athens Assistance ranked first in overall quality for three consecutive years within the International Assistance Group.

Athens Assistance has in-house medical desk and has a base by own office at Athens International Airport. Medevac, the sanitary transportation and air ambulance service, provides highly qualified aeromedical team with complete up-to-date equipment. Though not privately owned, Athens Assistance has the exclusive use of the following types of aircrafts: Jet Citation II, turbo prop Beachcraft King Air 200, heli Augusta 109 and heli Ecureuil. Can do wing to wing missions. We likewise provide medical/paramedic escorts for commercial medevacs. Ground ambulance transfers are carried out with fully equipped mobile units manned by our aeromedical team. The medical desk participates and presents its works on the medical assistance and transportation field, in national and international medical forums, conferences and committees.

Among the clients of Athens Assistance are assistance companies, insurances, hospitals, cards, embassies and consulates, public authorities, individuals, airlines and air ambulance companies. To name but a few of: the members of International Assistance Group, the international SOS Group, the European Insurances Group, Universal Group, Travelguard, AXA/IPA, Mondial and many more.

The people of Athens Assistance, employees and medical personnel, share the same vision and teamwork affords to fulfill their expectations.

Qualified medical care, advanced innovative technology, modern equipment and dedicated means are conjugated with customer oriented prompt response, flexible action and warm attitude.

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