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G7 Mortuary Shipping (G7MS), is a company that specializes in the provision of funeral assistance to Latin Americans. Each country and often different regions have specific laws and procedures with respect to funeral services. Therefore, we have focused on becoming well acquainted with all of the respective practices in Latin America in an effort to provide efficient solutions at affordable costs.

G7MS has highly qualified administrative professionals to assist with the funeral services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as personnel whom we refer to as the “G7 Squad” who can deploy at a moment’s notice to remote locations to guarantee the proper management and custody of the body for repatriation. Our core business operations consist of funeral assistance, body removal, legal and consular procedures, preservation of human remains, aerial and ground transportation and accompaniment to the family through the process. 

Since 2005, G7MS has operated from the United States repatriating many Latin American nationals to their country of origin, as well as foreigners who visit Latin America. It is important to note that G7MS has its roots in the funeral service sector as the parent company has been in the funeral industry for the past thirty (30) years. Thus, we understand the vital importance of providing assistance and support to families and companies during one of the most difficult moments in life; the death of a loved one.

G7 Mortuary Shipping
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