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Japan Assist International Co., Ltd (JAIC) was founded in 1989 for the purpose of expanding assistance business in Japan. In the years of 1980’, Some Japanese non-life insurance companies commenced to attach automatically assistance services to their Overseas Travel Accident Insurance Policies (OTAI). And there was no Japanese assistance company in Japan. All the cases are handled by foreign assistance companies.

In 1991, JAIC opened a 24 hours Operation Center for medical services to provide medical assistance services to Japanese tourists and expatriates in the world. This is the very first assistance service operations center in Japan for the subscribers of OTAI of the Japanese non-life insurance companies.

Since then, we have provided our medical assistance services to foreign tourists and expatriates here in Japan. And JAIC has been gaining experiences in this domain and has been accumulated know-how.

From 1997, JAIC has provided road side assistance services to the Japanese insurance companies and the credit card companies etc. After that, JAIC started home assistance services etc. Also, we started “Medical Claims Investigation Services and Translation services” to the Japanese life insurance companies. Now we count 18 Japanese life insurance companies that we have a contract.

Assistance services started from roadside assistance services, then medical assistance services in France. However, in Japan, conversely Assistance services commenced from medical assistance services.

In 2016, JAIC has started a new service, telephone interpretation service. We have provided such a service to realize communications between Japanese non-life insurance companies and foreign subscribers and/or foreign person involved in the accident without language barrier. English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese (total 14 languages) are available for this service.

Presently, JAIC is a group company of MS & AD Insurance Group Holdings, which is one of the largest insurance group in Japan and consists of 5 insurance companies. (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance etc.) And we are providing almost all the kind of assistance services in Japan.

JAIC has been watching the transition of assistance services business in Japan from the dawn of this services here. And JAIC has created new assistance services accordance with the needs of the Japanese market and adopted to the evolutions.

Now JAIC has about 220 employees. For the medical assistance services, there are 60 experienced multilingual coordinators for providing assistance services to both foreign clients and Japanese clients. Their nationalities are various, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian and Ukraine.

All staff constantly make effort to provide their kind, warm and efficient services, keeping in mind the Japanese way “Omotenashi (this means hospitality in Japanese)” to foreign customers.

Last year, in term of medical assistance services, we handled about 1,800 cases for foreign clients and 38,000 cases for Japanese clients.

JAIC has Assistance services contracts with approx. 35 Foreign Assistance Companies and Air Ambulance Companies in the world.

In the last 3 years, the number of foreign visitors to Japan has increased very rapidly. We never experienced such a rapid movement. The Japanese government estimated the number of foreign visitor would achieve 20 million 3 year ago. However, this number was reached last year. Then the Japanese government supposes that this number will increase to 40 million by the year of 2020, the year of Tokyo Olympic games.

With this augmentation of foreign visitors here, we are facing the difficulties to provide our services sometimes. For example, a house call doctor is not common here at all, but foreign patient wishes it. The Japanese national health insurance system and medical facility are very different from the other countries. Therefore, it is rather difficult to offer such medical services to foreign persons. We are always trying to fill the gaps, as there is some difference between the common sense of foreign person and that of Japanese. And with our long experience and know-how that we have gained, we handle all the cases properly and neatly.

Also, we are making good relation with medical providers, transportation companies, airline companies and other service providers so that we could offer best and smooth services here.

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