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SOS International

SOS International provides the right help, in the Netherlands and far beyond.

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Since 1994

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SOS International has been a major player on the aid market for more then 30 years now. What once began at the end of the 70s as an initiative of three travel insurers has expanded in the course of time into the renowned organisation that we are today. Whereas we first limited ourselves during the first years to providing medical aid abroad, we meanwhile serve many markets with our wide range of services. Both at home and abroad, from one central location, 7 days a week and around the clock.

Nowadays SOS International stands for aid on a worldwide level. We prove ourselves with a team of around 250 professionals who, in turn, can rely on an excellent international network.

Like a spider in the web, we live up to what our clients promise their clients. We are standing by 24 hours per day for:

  • 8 million people with travel and/or medical insurance
  • 2.5 million people with motor insurance
  • 6.5 million account holders
  • Thousands of leased car drivers
  • Thousands of senior citizens who can appeal to our tele-medicall services

We do so on behalf of around 120 clients, including various health and/or nonlife insurers, banks, lease companies, home care organisations and travel companies.

SOS International. A World of Assistance.


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SOS International
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