Paris, France, 30th May 2023 – With a reputation established in serving expatriates and travellers, we welcome Dakar Assistance as an Assistance Partner to the International Assistance Group.

In a Country where conditions and standards are variable, Dakar Assistance’s network of hospitals, clinics and ground ambulance services will provide the best possible resource for medical assistance. Additionally, telephone-based medical consultations will offer an essential layer of support to those seeking more immediate advice or faced with a challenging situation.

“Having passed our ISO 9001 accredited vetting process, Dakar Assistance has demonstrated that they have the expertise and capability to join our alliance,” commented Louise Heywood, the International Assistance Group’s General Manager. She added: “Independent assistance companies form the backbone of how we can deliver effective local quality.”

Formed in 2018, Dakar Assistance navigated the challenges of COVID, looking after the needs of large insurance companies and multi-national corporates. Among them, UNICEF and the Italian hydrocarbon capture innovators PARESA.

Inbound travel to Senegal doubled in the ten years before COVID. Recognised by the World Bank as one of Africa’s safest countries, internationally backed initiatives hope to re-grow the economy and support the return to increased inbound travellers. Adding Dakar Assistance to our growing global network ensures we are ready to help that rebound.

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