Paris, France, November 5th - We are incredibly pleased to announce that GlobeMed has joined our alliance as an Assistance Partner, covering Lebanon.

Recognised as the region’s leading third-party administrator of medical claims, GlobeMed’s membership of the International Assistance Group will provide the full range of medical and logistical assistance services needed by inbound travellers, expatriates and their respective insurers.

Coming up to 30 years in business, GlobeMed’s international profile as a medical TPA has considerable depth. In addition to direct relationships and billing procedures with all notable medical facilities and doctors, actuarial analysis of data and intervention by clinical specialists ensures that treatment is delivered effectively and efficiently. This is not only in Lebanon but also through offices in 11 other countries.

With such a strong presence in the medical community, a dedicated and well-connected 24/7 medical assistance operation acts as the first point of contact for the medical needs of both travellers and expatriates. From arranging doctor house call visits and ambulances to hospital admissions and aeromedical transfers, GlobeMed is a full-service medical assistance company. Help extends to concierge-style services in arranging hotel accommodation and family transportation.

Uniquely in assistance, doctors can access in-house medical expertise in several disciplines and the daily rota of visits to all the major medical facilities.

GlobeMed’s regional approach to quality standards ensures that they competently serve over 220 public and private entities through more than 1400 workers in 12 established offices. The development of in-house technology also provides over 45,000 users access the latest file information on-line.

In November 2019, the respected business and financial services magazine, Al Bayan, placed GlobeMed at the top of the list for third party administrators in the MENA region.