an Accredited Service Provider

For specialist providers such as air ambulances, clinics and local experts, among others.

Accredited Service Providers benefit from:


internationally recognized accreditation which will qualify your company as best-in-class

Greater visibility

in the assistance industry, through our centralized group marketing and individual promotional support, via a range of online and print communications

Preferential ranking

in our exclusive operational database used by the IAG Core Partners


access to IAG Forums and the IAG Academy, allowing knowledge sharing and meaningful face-to face meetings with industry peers

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Jacquie Schwoerke
Vice President, Global Patient Services, 
Sharp HealthCare
Accredited Service Provider, USA


As an IAG Accredited Service Provider, Sharp HealthCare, through our Global Patient Services Department, has extended its mission to provide quality, service-oriented care on a global scale while at the same time achieve critical business goals. The ability to secure strategic alliances through the various IAG Forums has been invaluable to that end.