The International Assistance Group (IAG) has appointed Tangiers International as its Accredited Assistance Provider for medical case management in Malta and to utilise their experience and capabilities in hot spots such as Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

IAG’s General Manager Cecile Hermetz said, “We set out to complement our medical case management capabilities in Malta. There the cost of medical treatment in private facilities very much needs to be controlled, particularly when tourists are often referred to these establishments.”

According to data published by the Malta Tourism Authority, annual visitors numbers are 1.8 million with approximately 50% coming from EU countries. With the Island’s population of approximately 430,000, providing medical care within the public infrastructure poses a great challenge.

“Tangiers International’s capabilities in areas of conflict will also strengthen our position by providing services through their on-the-ground field team backed by their experience and support. Tangiers has people on the ground with local experience and in-depth knowledge of local issues in over 60 countries – people who are able to find solutions in extremely difficult situations.

“We are interested in having as many players as possible in conflict zones around the world. When things happen, these are very interesting cases which require expert knowledge.

“Apart from their commercial activities, their work as a B-Corp certified company is to be applauded in the area of corporate social responsibility,” Ms. Hermetz added.

The addition of Tangiers International complements IAG’s existing network of service providers able to deal with challenging situations in conflict zones, increasing the potential options with resources that can be called upon. This also supports the package that is available to IAG Partners who can access real-time security alerts via the IAG database and obtain in-depth reports provided by an external security information service.

Managing Director of Tangiers International Jane Hegeler said, “Obviously it’s a great honour and a delight to be part of IAG and it’s something we as a company have wanted to be part of for a while. We’re already looking forward to joining in and meeting with other partners within the group.”

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