Serving large insurers since 2006, International West Indies Assistance (IWIA) has now joined the exclusive alliance of independent assistance companies, the International Assistance Group (IAG), as an Accredited Service Provider for medical assistance in the Caribbean.

Operating across the Caribbean, IWIA relationships with the French University Hospitals in Martinique and Guadalupe provides a channel to access medical treatment under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) system, an important consideration when looked at cases in North, Central and South America.Also, with IWIA doctors acting as the regional medical desk for Air France, this will allow commercial airline opportunities to be properly considered, quickly and safely. These are two important aspects of their overall medical assistance capabilities.

IAG’s General Manager, Cécile Hermetz said: “I am delighted that IWIA has successfully completed the selection process and has now joined IAG’s extensive worldwide network as Accredited Service Provider for the Caribbean.” “The Accredited Service Provider program continues to grow and support our quality strategy. Additionally, we are showing that this is not purely a business relationship, but also where knowledge and support can be given in other areas. This is the essence of the IAG alliance,” she added.

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