Paris – France, December 15, 2021 – Delivering an additional layer of medical resources across Latin America and the Caribbean, we are delighted to have selected Comfort Health as an Accredited Service Provider for doctor house call visits.

Helping to reduce the inconvenience, cost and discomfort of travelling across an unfamiliar location and negotiating local language barriers to access a hospital or clinic, Comfort Health’s presence covers all major cities and tourist hubs. Their network includes locally licensed doctors available for house calls, selected walk-in clinics and dentists.

“We are delighted to have been selected by the IAG for our house call and telemedicine services,” stated Sasha Daszko, Comfort Health’s Co-Founder. He added: “We work remarkably hard to make our proposition of great value to both clients and patients. With a satisfaction rate of over 95%, we know that we will also deliver that value to the partners of the IAG.”

As international travel resumes, some travellers are even more cautious and prefer not to visit medical centres in person. This has increased the importance of a house call service backed by telemedicine consultations.

Comfort Health’s 24/7 operations centre can locate and send a doctor between 8 am and midnight, seven days of the week. Where needed, vaccinations can be given immediately or referred for a range including Yellow Fever and Rabies.

Founded in 2015 by health care experts, Comfort Health’s philosophy is to recruit its own network without intermediaries to provide a streamlined and cost-effective service.

Success means that they now cover over 30 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, catering for inbound and outbound travellers.

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