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Innovative Solutions


International Assistance Group (IAG)’s staff and team of technological partners are continuously applying innovative thinking to ensure our members have access to tools and resources to ensure they can help customers in need quickly and effectively.

One of our key innovations is Globus, an exclusive search engine with access to our caringly cultivated network of assistance providers that connects a local expert to help our members, at any time, anywhere in the world.

Using Globus, clients can search for the assistance they need by location – using advanced search filters and interactive maps – or by searching for specific suppliers within the IAG network.

Globus is the combined power of IAG’s international network of local experts – all at the click of a button.

If directions are needed these can be sent by text to the customer’s mobile for turn-by-turn instructions to the nearest, most suitable medical or assistance facility.

Users can also check the health rating and infrastructure by destination, understand travel rules and restrictions by location, destination and vaccination status and receive real-time availability for emergency accommodation or transportation through integrations with leading suppliers.

Globus also improves collaboration between IAG partners and accredited service providers with its unique case alert and response tools, allowing multiple people across the world to work together to solve complex travel problems. This ensures tasks are completed efficiently and reduces the reliance on emails which can be overlooked by busy assistance centre personnel. 

Further efficiencies are achieved using the online quotations system for private Air Ambulance transportation to ensure comparative quotes can be requested and received accurately and on time.

Fit2Fly is a result of combining the extensive knowledge of our partners and providers' medical expertise.

Medical experts from IAG’s global membership network have joined forces to develop a powerful health status database to more accurately determine when and how sick travellers can be transported around the world.

Deciding when and how a patient can or should be moved across borders is a complex process that if not managed correctly, can lead to patient deterioration or death.

This online proprietary system helps IAG partners to assess all patients based on their individual situation, location, medical condition(s), co-morbidities, age and severity of illness before deciding on the safest and most effective course of action.

This comprehensive and constantly evolving directory is available exclusively for IAG members.