Turkish-based Redstar Aviation has recently attained Accredited Service Provider status within the International Assistance Group (IAG) for air ambulance missions serving the Middle East and broader region.

Operating dedicated air ambulances with both Learjet 45 and 45XR aircrafts, equipped with dual ICU stretchers and leading-edge technology medical equipment on board. Along with a multilingual operations team, 24/7 in-house medical team enables Redstar to quickly assess situations and dispatch a mission at a short notice, using the capabilities of such state-of-the-art aircraft all with multiple patient transport capacity.

Aditionally, Redstar Aviation is an associate of Doha based Gulf Helicopters Company, a leading global rotor-wing provider serving both on-shore and off-shore operations in the Middle East with a fleet of over 50 helicopters. The combined resources provide in-depth and far-reaching presence in such a demanding area.

Redstar also provides medical escort services, for patients travelling between local and international routes on commercial airlines, as an alternative means of medevac for cases where the utilization of an air ambulance is not necessary.

“As an established alliance of global assistance players, the International Assistance Group needs to ensure that we have the right resources, in the right place and delivering quality services to agreed standards. Redstar’s strategic position and regional capabilities strengthens our alliance and what can be delivered to client companies including insurance entities, assistance companies and international corporations,” said Cécile Hermetz, General Manager of IAG.

Founded in 1989, Redstar Aviation has proved their capability in global operations and particularly in war-torn or politically unstable countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Iraq. This experience was presented at the 2017 International Travel & Health Insurance Conference (ITIC) in Barcelona, which was attended by over 800 industry experts in medical assistance and travel insurance from around the world.

“We are extremely delighted to have gained Accredited Service Provider status within the IAG, an organisation serving independent Partners globally and with a total of over 181 million end-users. It shows that we meet high international standards and recognises our work in challenging situations,” stated Ozan Alemdaroglu, Business Development Manager of Redstar Aviation.

IAG’s Accredited Service Provider status is governed and conducted by partner companies of the alliance following strict criteria to satisfy the demanding needs of medical assistance companies globally.

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