Trails of Indochina (TOI) has upgraded its status within International Assistance Group (IAG) to that of Accredited Service Provider for medical assistance in Vietnam.

Originally established as a destination management company, TOI set-up a medical assistance department in 2000 to cater for the needs of in-bound visitors. Today it provides full medical assistance to a number of organisations with services ranging through doctor house call visits, liaising with hospitals, monitoring costs and arranging ground and air ambulance transportation.

International Assistance Group’s General Manager Cécile Hermetz states: “With the continued increase of travellers to Vietnam, up 29% last year alone, we are delighted that Trails of Indochina has upgraded its status to that of an Accredited Service Provider.”

John Tue Nguyen, Founder and CEO of TOI stated: “We have always prided ourselves on service and the medical assistance aspect was important for us to develop in the early stages of establishing the company. Gaining the Accredited Service Provider status in the IAG means that we have undertaken an audit process and can proudly display a ‘quality stamp’ of our international creditability in this area of work. Furthermore, to look at the opportunities of improving our service through the sharing of knowledge with other partner companies in the alliance.

“IAG plays an important role in helping Trails of Indochina with international exposure and reliability regarding our services, integrity and professionalism,” added John Tue Nguyen.

TOI employs 250 people in five destinations that extend beyond Vietnam and into Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Whilst the popularity of these destinations continues to grow, challenges are still faced with the infrastructure of medical services requiring the need to have ‘on-the-ground’ capabilities when assistance is called.