Specialising in the transport of human remains within Latin America and to/from the region, G7 Mortuary Shipping (G7MS) has recently joined the International Assistance Group (IAG), the largest alliance of assistance companies and providers worldwide, under the Accredited Service Provider programme.

Although it is unknown to many countries in Latin America and often different regions within a country have their own specific laws and procedures with respect to funeral services. Therefore, G7MS has focused on providing efficient funeral solutions at affordable costs.

Colombia based G7MS will be attending the IAG Forum in Barcelona this coming week. Speaking at the specialist Funeral Assistance Roundtable, they will share their knowledge and experience in dealing with the cultural and administrative challenges faced in serving Latin Americans worldwide and the Latin American region in general.

IAG’s General Manager, Cécile Hermetz, said “The IAG Forum is greatly valued by the 68 partner companies of the IAG alliance, as well as providers joining in specialist work groups. The sharing of knowledge and hozw potential challenges can be dealt with is an important aspect of how we all work together.

For us it is important to be a part of IAG because it accredits our company as a qualified funeral service provider to companies that offer funeral assistance, as well as to insurance companies who are searching for funeral solutions in our region of operations,” said Christian Correa, Operations Director at G7 Mortuary Shipping.

With an additional office in New York, G7MS’s 23 specialist staff handle over 2,700 cases a year.