For those of you that had the chance, I hope you enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday, and for those of you who worked through the busy period, I hope that it all went smoothly for your customers in distress and your assistance teams getting them back on the road or safely home.


The Road to the IAG Forum, Rome. Over sixty delegates already registered. Have you?

Spots are filling up fast so if you haven’t registered, don’t forget to do so soon to benefit from:

  • Inspirational, expert keynote speakers in innovation and social media
  • Gain the inside view on a range of topics that will help your daily business
  • Interactive workshops with your colleagues and peers
  • Essential networking opportunities during the day and socially
  • Learn about provoking ideas from our Awards Ceremony
  • New initiatives to move our alliance, and your business, forward

And, together with our Italian partner, International Care Company (ICC), there will be a genuine and warm welcome - especially to those of you who are joining us for the very first time. We are also happy to have some supporting sponsors onboard already including Nordic Information Systems and Shift Technology, but there are still a few sponsor opportunities left if you would like to contact us to discuss how you can get better exposure for your business before, during and after the event.


Are you already registered?  Stand-by for the Guidebook

You will soon receive a link to download the event guidebook APP with everything you need to know. Connect with colleagues, check handy tips and arrive prepared, ready to go.


New Assistance Partner for developing markets

Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar continue to be popular destinations for many travellers, but the region can certainly be challenging.  So, this month we are very pleased to welcome Asian Assistance who will deliver their ‘know-how’ and hands-on approach in an area with deficient infrastructure and inadequate medical resource. Please update your operational teams and check our new and improved Globus for all of the information you need.


Keep your finger on the pulse of the IAG and the world of assistance

Our work on social media is gathering pace. Don’t forget to keep liking, sharing and following the IAG, and your alliance colleagues, across the social media platforms. It is a wonderful way to stay in touch with news and views in our unique circle of assistance.


New Globus. How is it going for you?

No need to reply now! To help monitor implementation and seek refinements, we’ll soon be sending out a survey for all of our users to complete. So, please start to gather your thoughts and ideas to support that journey in helping you.


And, to close for this month

As always, I am keen to understand your views on what the IAG is doing, not doing or where we need to do more. Please feel free to call me directly or send a note via email and I look forward also to catching up over a cappuccino or two in Rome next month.

All the best,