Paris, France, October 12, 2021 - Kathmandu based Air Dynasty Heli Services has been selected by the International Assistance Group as an Assistance Partner. After a virtual audit performed by our Network & Quality Manager, David Clero; the Deputy CEO of one of our long-standing Core Partners and an external regional expert, we are delighted that Air Dynasty have met our accreditation standards and join us as travel begins to return and Nepal edges back to being an international magnet for travellers.

With over 20 years of experience, Air Dynasty now employs 85 people. The 24-hour alarm centre accesses 4 doctors, 4 nurses and 2 paramedics within the 30-minute notice, day and night. Evacuations and rescues are set as a priority. An average of 700 medical cases is handled each year in this demanding environment. In addition, Air Dynasty pilots regularly fly to support aid agencies, film companies and provide commercial transport. Two internationally qualified instructors oversee competence.

Accomplished at serving medical assistance companies and adventure travel operators, solutions are delivered as a complete package. Case handlers’ knowledge of the medical network, supporting ground transportation and the necessary services helps both patients and travelling companions.

Overseeing the quality of Air Dynasty’s medical team is their Medical Director Dr Minalma Pandey who assesses competence based on qualifications and proficiency such as ensuring any nurse working with them has a valid and recognised nursing degree plus at least three years of travel medicine experience.

To tackle patient transport from high and remote areas across Nepal, Air Dynasty’s skilled flight crews use the French manufactured AS350. This multi-role helicopter is operated by numerous government and commercial organisations internationally. It is respected for its high-altitude capability and agility.

Nepal’s inbound tourism grew dramatically over the last 15 years attracting over 1 million international visitors immediately before the pandemic. Possessing 8 of the world’s 10 highest mountains, world-class white water, national parks and sacred Hindu and Buddhist sites, the country is a global hotspot for specialist tourism.