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Interview André Coutinho, General Manager at Premium Assistance - Omint Group

IAG is a very important network for us in order to put a product on the market and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

  • André Coutinho General Manager

Interview Anthony Decoste, President & CEO at CareJet

Being part of the IAG lends a lot of credibility to our brand. Also, it is an opportunity to expand our market in a network of well-respected companies in the industry around the world.

  • Anthony Decoste President & CEO

Interview Emerson De Luca, Managing Director at Albin International Repatriation

That would give the potential clients some security or some certainty that our company may be a good one by being part of the IAG group.

  • Emerson De Luca Managing Director

Interview Samir Boudieb, Head of Key Account Management at AvD Wirtschaftsdienst

Being member of the IAG allows us to cover the regions required and to be in the scope

  • Samir Boudieb Head of Key Account Management

IAG Forum LYON 2018

Our biannual Forums offer a unique opportunity for our partner companies to meet, network, share knowledge, and discuss industry best practices.

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