The International Assistance Group’s (IAG) recently initiated Accredited Service Provider (ASP) programme continues to grow, now with the addition of Singapore based air ambulance company EMA Global.

Primarily the ASP programme was put in place to provide the next step in provider selection, across a number of areas and for the benefit of member companies of the IAG,” said Cécile Hermetz, General Manager of International Assistance Group. “However, we are also keen to support ASP’s, many of whom are smaller companies. Recent requests are related to case management systems and business continuity planning. IAG’s vocation is to support its partners and providers in every step of the way.”

Dexter Tan, EMA’s Business Development Director, said: “Becoming the first IAG Accredited Service Provider from Asia is an important move for EMA. It is not simply about business opportunities, but also having access to knowledge and support. IAG has a wealth of experience within its alliance across the globe. We are confident that this partnership will enable us to tap into the network of its current partners, and is also a great opportunity for us to cement our position as a strategic partner in Asia to the other members of IAG.”