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Offices in 5 key cities around Africa, and over 6,000 contracted providers covering almost every country on the African continent.

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MSO International provides healthcare risk management services to the African and South African market with over 1 million contracted lives from private healthcare and insurance companies. MSO’s strategy of providing a comprehensive managed care solution across Africa provides healthcare funders with significant and unique advantages that improve their competitive position.

Since 2008, MSO has expanded its operations to include a dedicated international division with over 50 staff to manage claims, cases and admissions for international clients with members in Africa. With its head office based in Johannesburg, South Africa and access to more than 6,000 contracted providers across the African continent, MSO International provides the optimal healthcare solution for Africa.

Our services include:

Our international operations include: 


MSO International has a dedicated Assistance Division which offers medical assistance to travellers and expats throughout Africa. Due to close operational ties with our Network Division, our Assistance Service has impressive contracted resources and knowledge of healthcare capabilities across Africa, which in turn allows for the best support and decision-making in times of need. These services include:

  • Coordination and management of medical evacuations and elective patient transfers
  • Advice to clients in terms of accessing appropriate healthcare in all operational countries
  • Placement of payment guarantees with providers on behalf of clients
  • Assistance with transport and other logistical arrangements
  • 24/7 Support in the 4 main languages through our Contact Centre




The MSO process begins with pre-authorisation of all hospital admissions and high-cost out patient cases. The managed care call centre is manned by qualified, registered nurses that follow specifically designed protocols and guidelines to apportion the appropriate level of hospital resources in relation to the clinical needs of the patient and monitor the quality and cost of care provided for all hospital admissions.

Case Management

The case management process commences on admission to hospital for all major admissions. All MSO case managers are registered nurses (ICU trained), with many years’ experience. The case manager monitors the pre-authorisation budget for the duration of the hospital stay. MSO provides on-site case management to all the major hospitals across South Africa and can arrange similar through partners in many African countries.


MSO uses Pharmaceutical Benefit Management technology to manage medicine benefits on behalf of healthcare funders. Using advanced medicine claims and clinical technology, MSO reduces pharmaceutical non-healthcare and healthcare costs. It allows sophisticated, real-time, automated, drug utilisation evaluation (DUE). This technology opens new doors to manage particularly acute medicine expenditure. The PBM Service is available in South Africa presently.

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