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Iran Assistance provides a range of services to insurance companies.

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Iran Assistance (Komak Resan Iran) was founded in 1992 to provide a wide range of assistance services to expats and clients of international assistance companies in Iran. Iran Assistance provides local services to major assistance companies worldwide, including all companies now adhering to the International Assistance Group global network.

Iran Assistance is the largest assistance company in Middle East with more than 460 employees, and 38 office branches throughout Iran. Iran Assistance enjoys the cooperation of a large network of various service providers nationwide; these include doctors, hospitals, clinics, tow trucks, dental clinics, drugstores, hotels, airlines, amongst others.

With a total of around 800,000 insured end users, Iran Assistance has pioneered TPA business in Iran, providing services to 10 of the 24 existing private Iranian insurance companies. Iran Assistance handles close to 3,000 cases per day in this field.

Activities of our company include medical, technical, legal, and personal assistance. Roadside assistance, establishment of on-site medical clinics, ambulance, and home medical services are among our other activities.

Our contracts with hundreds hospitals and clinics not only provide our clients with cashless services, but it also plays an important role in our cost containment plans.

Our ambulance department is a private entity with well equipped ambulances managed by trained technicians and doctors. Our home medical service is staffed by bilingual doctors and nurses on round the clock shifts providing home or hotel medical visits. This team also provides medical escort services in medical repatriations.

Iran Assistance operates an in-house medical checkup clinic staffed with 11 medical specialists .This staff plays an important role in medical support activities of our company.

Providing assistance to Iranians travelling abroad is another line of our work. With our own dedicated alarm and call center we have handled cases in 44 countries last year either directly or through intermediaries.

Well experienced and dedicated staff of Iran Assistance will ensure direct care and prompt response to any assistance request and call anywhere in Iran.

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