Paris, France, October 31, 2019 - Extending the depth of our medical coverage, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Concilio as an Accredited Service Provider to our group, serving to reduce the barriers to quick access for qualified specialist medical consultations and specialist referrals.

From its base in France, Concilio’s team of 20 doctors provides real-time, phone or video, medical consultations in English or French through the global presence of smart technology, day or night and received prescriptions valid anywhere in Europe.

Patients can also access a network of over 20,000 peer-recommended specialists in 60 countries, and with the ease of on-line booking for face-to-face consultations. This concierge-style approach aims to remove the feeling of uncertainty quickly and move the patient down the route to treatment swiftly. In addition to helping inbound travellers to France and international patients around the world, Concilio has a large base of corporate clients who have embraced the benefits in employee productivity through better access to both healthcare and preventative health strategies such as check-ups and health coaching for their personnel.

At the heart of Concilio are founders Dr Florian Reinaud and George Aoun, blending medical expertise with the delivery of technological solutions. Dr Reinaud trained as a doctor in the UK at the world-renowned Oxford University and Imperial College London, going to work on emergency medicine. Mr Aoun led the launch of Amazon in France and headed development at PayPal Europe.

“Concilio’s appointment is one more step in International Assistance Group’s drive to deliver innovation to our Partners and their clients” stated IAG’s General Manager, Louise Heywood. She added: “I am thrilled that their impressive credentials add to the pool of resources and knowledge within our alliance.”