Paris, France - March 11, 2020 - Having joined the International Assistance Group in April 2019 as an Accredited Service Provider, Brazilian based air ambulance provider Brasil Vida points to further growth due to its membership of the alliance.


Brasil Vida’s International Director, James DeSouza explained: “In such a short time, we have formed strong relationships with many Partners within the International Assistance Group, demonstrating both depth and range of our solutions to, and from Brazil. This has been a significant factor in our 19.22% growth in the last year.”



Almost immediately after joining the alliance, International Assistance Group’s Partner in Brazil, Omint, tasked Brasil Vida with a delicate and essential ECMO air ambulance from the northern part of that immense country to specialist treatment in a leading hospital in Sao Paulo. The success of the mission provided a stepping-stone towards increasing Brasil Vida’s footprint within Brazil.

Further afield, European and American Partners also recognise the value Brasil Vida brings to long-range cases where their prompt local response can safely connect with wing-to-wing air ambulance transfers.

Another growth area and serving the broader global community is the increased use of medical escorts on commercial flights. Brasil Vida’s knowledge of the territory and the capabilities of regional and international airline operators, adds to the mix of available solutions that can blend with air ambulance connections serving the remoter parts of the country.


In 2020, the plan is to add two more jets plus three turbo-props to the fleet that already comprises of thirteen configured air ambulances. “We are the most significant air ambulance company not only in  Brazil and throughout South America too, “stated Mr De Souza. He highlighted: “Our size and profile mean that we have access to the most capable doctors and nurses for both air ambulance and medical escort missions. We are extremely proud and thrilled with what we deliver to the International Assistance Group.”


Brasil Vida was formed 16 years ago not only to cater for the demand within South America but also the increasing need to provide for an expanding global market of people travelling to, and from, the continent.