Acclaimed Athens Medical Group joins our select list of Accredited Service Provider hospitals

Paris, France, 7 November 2024 – We are delighted to announce that Athens Medical Group (AMG) has joined our alliance as an Accredited Service Provider.

‘While we hold extensive information on thousands of hospitals across the globe, it is a special step for a medical facility to go through our ISO 9001 vetting process and become an Accredited Service Provider,’ stated Louise Heywood, International Assistance Group General Manager. She added: ‘Accredited Service Providers benefit from our knowledge-sharing activities, gaining a more global insight into the needs of the traveling and expatriate communities.’ 

AMG’s reputation is endorsed with numerous certifications and acknowledgments for their ability to provide an international standard of advanced medical care in Greece, also attracting a great number of international patients, mainly in the European Interbalkan Medical Center (EIMC) in Thessaloniki, the spearhead of the outward-looking strategy of AMG.

To support its expansion in the medical tourism field and to improve the international patient experience and journey, AMG created the International Patient Center in 2013.

This center offers 24/7 a wide range of services to international patients throughout all stages of their care, with the valuable assistance of its dedicated personnel. 

These services extend beyond clinical aspects, to translation and to door-to-door concierge services for travel, accommodation, and transportation. 

To further support any medical needs of international patients around the clock, AMG offers 24/7 emergency services, supported by a fleet of ambulances and authorized contact persons.

One contact, 130 languages. Lexxika becomes an Accredited Service Provider to the International  Assistance Group

Paris, France, 25 October 2023 – We are delighted that specialist assistance industry translation service Lexxika has joined our growing list of Accredited Service Providers.

After identifying the need for speed, availability and keen pricing, Lexxika established a specialist 24/7 solution for the assistance and insurance industries in 2017 after ten years of generalist experience.

Lexxika’s approach has secured some significant brands in both assistance and insurance.

‘The assistance world is dynamic, urgent and demands that a translation service is adaptable to challenges such as handwritten documents and medical scans, as well as formal documents’, said James Austin. Lexxika’s Commercial Director. He added: ‘Joining the International Assistance Group is a tremendous opportunity for Lexxika to support a diverse range of independent assistance partners across the globe with such needs.’

With official documentation, certified translations can be produced for medical reports, death and repatriation papers and marriage certificates. Such expertise extends to insurance policies and marketing materials, demonstrating Lexxika’s technical ability.

“We are delighted to have Lexxika join our organisation as the only translation and interpreter service adding to the variety of accredited service providers available for our partners to access in the knowledge they have passed a stringent selection process” said Louise Heywood, General Manager.

The selection process used by the International Assistance Group is accredited by ISO 9001.

In addition to their core business in assistance, Lexxika has established an insurance fraud unit to provide multi-lingual support for investigations, interviews, and research at this more technical level.

Goral Assistance Canada adds an important layer to the International Assistance Group’s medical response

Paris, France, 29 August 2023 -We are pleased to announce that Goral Assistance Canada will become an Accredited Service Provider for telemedicine and medical house call visits in Canada.

With the limited availability of family doctors for visitors to Canada, dealing with sickness or minor injury often means resorting to the Emergency Room of a public hospital. There, stretched resources common in many public healthcare systems result in long waiting times, particularly for non-urgent cases. Furthermore, unnecessary costs.

Goral Assistance Canada provides a telemedicine contact centre from 8am to 11pm local time backed by a network of licensed Nurse Practitioners able to deal with all types of acute and chronic illnesses and legally prescribe medication. Where referral is needed to an Emergency Room, this is done with a medical report to help initial assessment.

‘Since the pandemic, we have seen a big increase in demand for telemedicine services and now the benefits this can extend to travellers through emergency medical assistance so I am delighted to add Goral Assistance Canada with their expertise and extensive network throughout Canada to add further depth to our expanding network’, stated Louise Heywood, International Assistance Group General Manager.

‘Joining the International Assistance Group marks an important step to us as Canada’s largest provider of this kind, ’ explained Marcel Kadoche, Goral’s Chief Executive. He added: ‘ We are very much looking forward to helping the diverse range of travellers coming through such an established alliance.’

World-renowned Jackson Health System International widens international collaboration through the International Assistance Group

Paris, France, 19 June, 2023 – We are thrilled to announce that Miami-based Jackson Health System International has joined our alliance as an Accredited Service Provider.

As one of the US’s most significant medical training facilities with a strong record of pioneering treatment in several areas, Jackson Health System’s excellent reputation extends to quality care for patients nationally, international visitors and those travelling for specialist treatment.

‘The International Assistance Group continues to attract high-quality facilities, partners and providers to our alliance,’ stated Louise Heywood, International Assistance Group’s General Manager, adding: ‘We look forward to their collaboration alongside medical teams and partners from across the globe.’

“Jackson Health System’s long-term collaboration with international doctors, hospitals, governments and insurance and assistance companies highlights our commitment to providing expert treatment and care for patients from across the globe” said Diamela Corrales, Director International Business. “We look forward to partnering with the International Assistance Group to continue refining the patient experience”.

A recognised centre of excellence for transplants, trauma, cardiac conditions, neurology and neurosurgery, Jackson’s history goes back over 100 years. Today, it has more than 1,550 licensed beds and over 660 doctors engaged in clinical practice, making it a major tertiary hospital system in Florida and an international referral point.

As part of the not-for-profit Jackson Health System, local citizens are actively involved in shaping how care is delivered locally, irrespective of the ability to pay. In 2021, Jackson Health System spent almost US$183 million on Charity Care.

Travel Support Europe extends to the Nordic region as International Assistance Group’s Assistance Partner

Paris, France, 7th June 2023 – Congratulations to Travel Support Europe on becoming our Assistance Partner for both medical and roadside assistance across the Nordic Region. 

From their 24/7 alarm centre in Sweden, they will cover Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. Their comprehensive network will provide the full range of medical assistance services, roadside assistance, and onward mobility solutions, giving one point of contact for our partners in such a vast area. In Finland, Travel Support Europe’s appointment will only be for roadside assistance and onward mobility solutions.

We are delighted that Travel Support Europe will also continue as our Accredited Service Provider for doctor house call visits in the Benelux countries, operating from their offices in the Netherlands.

‘Once again, we have undertaken the International Assistance Group’s rigorous vetting process demonstrating that Travel Support Europe has a solid operational network to meet the international demands of the alliance’s partners, ’ stated Travel Support Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, Cecilia Ryttergaard. She added: ‘ Our focus is not only on capability but also on quality to ensure that we are highly regarded within the IAG.’

Founded in 2009, Travel Support Europe’s clients include renowned global insurance and assistance brands with demanding standards and a high level of compliance in service delivery. Their full range of services includes:

Medical assistance

  • General practitioners, including house call visits and telemedicine
  • Medical specialists
  • Dentists
  • Ground ambulances
  • Air ambulances
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

Vehicle assistance

  • Roadside assistance
  • Bicycle assistance
  • Towing and salvage
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Repair shops and garages
  • Hotels, car rental, taxis and much more

New Assistance Partner to cover Senegal: Dakar Assistance

Paris, France, 30th May 2023 – With a reputation established in serving expatriates and travellers, we welcome Dakar Assistance as an Assistance Partner to the International Assistance Group.

In a Country where conditions and standards are variable, Dakar Assistance’s network of hospitals, clinics and ground ambulance services will provide the best possible resource for medical assistance. Additionally, telephone-based medical consultations will offer an essential layer of support to those seeking more immediate advice or faced with a challenging situation.

“Having passed our ISO 9001 accredited vetting process, Dakar Assistance has demonstrated that they have the expertise and capability to join our alliance,” commented Louise Heywood, the International Assistance Group’s General Manager. She added: “Independent assistance companies form the backbone of how we can deliver effective local quality.”

Formed in 2018, Dakar Assistance navigated the challenges of COVID, looking after the needs of large insurance companies and multi-national corporates. Among them, UNICEF and the Italian hydrocarbon capture innovators PARESA.

Inbound travel to Senegal doubled in the ten years before COVID. Recognised by the World Bank as one of Africa’s safest countries, internationally backed initiatives hope to re-grow the economy and support the return to increased inbound travellers. Adding Dakar Assistance to our growing global network ensures we are ready to help that rebound.

CareFlight to join the International Assistance Group

Paris, France, 17th March – We are delighted to be welcoming CareFlight as an Accredited Service Provider in the Asia Pacific Region.

Since 1990, CareFlight has provided specialist medical teams and aircraft to transfer critically ill and injured patients throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific. We can also be activated as the second leg of a mission for patients initially retrieved by one of our rescue helicopters or retrieval planes, or in partnership with other jet suppliers that we work closely with for longer range retrieval missions from Europe, Asia and the Americas

CareFlight is the only medical retrieval organisation in Australasia that owns and operates its own fleet of dedicated jets, turbo prop aircraft and helicopters, providing a national and international integrated air ambulance service. Our specialist clinical teams are all highly skilled and are trained to work together to provide the best clinical care for patients. Our doctors work at leading teaching hospitals and are specialists in critical care, namely emergency medicine, intensive care or anaesthetics. Our nurses are from intensive care and emergency departments and are aviation nursing trained.

Find out more about CareFlight’s operations at 

Iris Global focuses on the International Assistance Group to assist outbound Spanish travellers and expatriates

Paris, France, 2nd March, 2023 – Joining the International Assistance Group (IAG) as a Core Partner Outbound, we are pleased to welcome Madrid-based Iris Global.



Iris Global owned by SANTALUCÍA GROUP, Spain’s eighth-largest insurer, will now have access to the IAG medical network worldwide for Spanish travellers and expatriates abroad.



Iris Global is an insurance and assistance provider that specializes in comprehensive solutions for companies, brokers and end users, through a portfolio of products and services, as one of the main travel assistance insurance companies in the Spanish market.



In the general field of international travel assistance, Iris Global’s 24/7 alarm centre handles over 38,000 medical cases, including over  2,100 medical repatriations. Supporting this is a team of 12 doctors and nurses, and a telemedicine centre.


“Becoming part of IAG comes as a confirmation that Iris Global is one of  the best travel insurance and assistance companies worldwide and joining this alliance implies a high standard of quality,” declared Carla Stern, Iris Global Director of Provider Network.



“We are delighted to join the IAG, strengthening our global presence and giving rise to new and exciting opportunities,” said Maite Maroto, General Manager of Iris Global. “Our alliance with IAG confirms our commitment to providing the highest quality standards with a keen focus on customer satisfaction.”



“With an established position in Spain’s outbound travel market, we are delighted that Iris Global will bring
additional cases to our global network,” commented Louise Heywood, the IAG’s General Manager.


Air Ambulance Network Expands in the USA with the Appointment of Peak Medevac International

Paris, France, 22nd February, 2023 – Following our quality-assured vetting process, we are pleased to welcome Peak Medevac International as an Accredited Service Provider to cover the Americas with intercontinental reach.

Peak Medevac owns their fleet of medically configured air ambulance Lear jets (31, 35, 55, 60).  Each mission has a dedicated team of pilots and medical crew onboard ensuring a safe bedside-to-beside approach with every flight.  In addition to patient transports, Peak Medevac also provides life-saving organ and transplant surgical team air transportation services.

With their headquarters centrally located in Denver, Colorado, Peak Medevac International also has bases strategically positioned coast-to-coast allowing cost-effective flight options and timely wheels-up capability.  Currently Specializing in medical transports throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean and Central and South America, they are expanding their global reach to include Europe and Asia. Downtime is reduced by on-site maintenance personnel able to conduct complex repairs under the US’s Federal Aviation Authorities Part 145 certification.

Staying on top of best practices in aviation medicine is vital to Peak Medevac’s patient safety management. In addition to being a EURAMI Accredited Provider, Peak Medevac accreditations are held with the Air Medical Physicians Association, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the Association of Air Medical Services, amongst other respected organisations.

“Joining the International Assistance Group is a wonderful step for us, and one where we can bring both quality and capability to the demands of international assistance partners,” commented Geno Haggan, who founded the company in 1996.

Global Voyager Assistance in Ukraine joins the International Assistance Group as Assistance Partner

Paris, France, 26th January, 2023  – We are delighted that our former correspondent Global Voyager Assistance (GVA) from Odessa, Ukraine has applied and been accepted as an Assistance Partner. 

With a strong profile in the maritime industry, GVA also has a base in the Bulgarian port of Varna. From there, the operational centre also handles the medical needs of all travellers to Bulgaria, including popular summer and skiing resorts. It will also provide a backup for the operation in Odessa if required. GVA employs 26 FTE, is a shareholder of International Assistance Group through its Cyprus parent office and is a long-term supporter of our association.