Paris, France, February 3, 2020 - Recent new business initiatives by Athens Assistance has projected its membership within the International Assistance Group to Core Partner status. 

Delivering a vital global service to a local overseas medical insurer, Athens Assistance will also address the challenging medical assistance needs of international crews and families serving with far-reaching shipping companies, anywhere their voyage takes them.


Explaining Athens Assistance alignment with the IAG for its outbound traveller requirements, long-serving General Manager Dr Dimitris Koliniatis stated: “It is simple to pick on the IAG’s global operational database as the primary reason. It is considerably more than that.”  He expanded: “When you combine independent assistance companies actively feeding local medical knowledge, you have something exceptional. When they share, discuss and form respected relationships as equals, you have something truly unique.”


An Assistance Partner within the alliance for over 25 years catering for inbound travellers, Athens Assistance picked up the IAG’s coveted Quality Award on seven occasions, most recently in 2019.

Delivering an extensive range of medical assistance and cost containment services across the geographically demanding area of Greece with its multitude of islands, partners count on Athens Assistance in this famous tourist region.

The IAG’s comprehensive proprietary database provides granular detail of partner and provider capabilities with on-the-ground coverage of medical, cost containment and transportation services, worldwide, for exclusive use by IAG partners.

As a collaborative alliance forged over 25 years, the IAG now proudly boasts over 30 Core Partners who represent a diverse range of assistance companies, most of whom are market leaders and regional experts in their locations.