Paris, France, June 29, 2020 - Please welcome the international air ambulance arm of the US’s Global Medical Response group, which joins us as an Accredited Service Provider.

With four bases in the US, the large, varied and customised fleet efficiently undertakes missions up and down the Americas and Caribbean. And, no stranger to Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and the Pacific, also conducting operations wholly outside North America into recognised international centres of medical excellence.

Their fleet of fourteen aircraft range from the economical, short-distance King Air, through the industry workhorses of Lear jets and up to the long-range Hawker and Challenger, which also provide the space for additional equipment and medical crew in more complicated situations.

An experienced flight planning team maximises its worldwide air operator certification. Complicated routings and permissions are assessed quickly, ensuring prompt pricing and despatch.


“Joining the IAG is more than adding our resources and capabilities to the alliance,” commented Brandon Bates, AirMed’s Senior Director, Global Strategy & Partner Relations. With AirMed having worked for several IAG Partners, Brandon added: “We recognise the IAG as a valuable forum for sharing best practice, discussing challenging situations and forming important relationships, both with partners and providers. We aim to be a significant contributor.”


Accredited with both EURAMI and CAMTS for over ten years, the importance of patient safety rests at the core of decisions that push out-of-the-box thinking.  AirMed swiftly accesses expert knowledge in the air ambulance environment for an extensive range of requirements from assistance company medical teams worldwide, including NICU, ECMO, cardiac and trauma.

Medical escorts are also frequently provided where transport on commercial airlines is a safe alternative and viable alternative.

Dr Bobby Lewis leads the team of established and regular flight doctors, nurses and paramedics. Dr Lewis is Associate Professor and Vice-Chair for Clinical Operations within the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Alabama’s Medical School. His significant personal experience includes medical helicopter services, critical care and hyperbaric medicine. He has also trained dentists in Iran and facilitated the emergency medical protocols for the US’s NASCAR races.